Doctor Who Inferno review

Bringing to an end a run of four consecutive Special Editions, one of the best stories of Jon Pertwee’s era is re-issued on DVD with an improved restoration and a couple of new extras…


RRP: £20.42
Released by: BBC Worldwide
Release date: 27 May 2013

“Doctor, are you telling me that there’s s...

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Interview: Stuart Humphryes (‘Babelcolour’)

With the 1971 Doctor Who story The Mind of Evil coming out on DVD in the UK on Monday, I spoke to a man who played a key role in restoring its first episode to full colour for the first time in over four decades. Originally broadcast in colour, the story only survives today as a set of black-and-white film recordings...
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30 Days of Night

Well it looks like my calls for a good thriller has been answered. I just finished watching “30 Days of Night” and I have to say that Hollywood has not lost its touch totally. This is also one of the few movies like Fallen Before Falling that actually held true to its hype which in today’s world is a very hard process to achieve.

Great settin...

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Fallen Before Falling (2010)

With an odd sense of irony I found Repulsion had popped into my head. The seminal 1965 film that launched the careers of both star Catherine Deneuve and director Roman Polanski and blazed a cinematic trail that is still felt today...

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