All About Casino (1995) Movie

All About Casino (1995) Movie

Gamblers never realize they lose everything they have as soon as they enter a casino to win money. You will sit at the jackpot machines and pull levers for levers, hoping that three will be lined up in a row. If they don’t, they’ll go back and pull the levers. They will pull and pull until what they have in their pockets is nothing but fluff, and then they will be knocked down and go home empty-handed, and the casino will win everyone. Especially if it is supported by the crowd.


Since we are familiar with how a mob works, we should know that no service it provides is free. If they choose to fund an emerging casino, we can expect them to receive a high payment. If this payment does not arrive in the expected amount, lives will be lost and the big bosses who run the show will be very upset. But the big bosses in the casino don’t look very threatening. There are a couple of old men in Kansas who are sitting at a grubby dining table arguing over little things while eating their mother’s homemade meals. Occasionally they play cards and throw tantrums when they lose. We see them sitting in the dark, in their expensive suits, doing nothing but waiting for the overflown money to come from Vegas. If they are all brought to justice for illegally supporting and blackmailing casinos, some of them are tied to wheelchairs with oxygen masks glued to their faces. But don’t be fooled. Your way of working is great, rich and foolproof.

Good. Not really.

The casino begins with a few tales by Sam Rothstein (Robert De Niro) and Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) that describe the daily operations of The Tangiers and the brazen method by which the mob “sucks” money from it. At the end of their opening narratives, they reached a similar question: How they managed to turn a fabulous empire into a garbage heap that “looks like Disneyland” today. They had everything; Money, fame, women, clothes, cars. Sam even had a wardrobe with up to 80 suits (he wears a different one in almost every scene). But bad decisions and badly constructed associations pressed them dry, dry to the point of exhaustion. And then everything collapsed. Casino responds to bad decisions and badly built associations.

It is a violent and vulgar film, but it is also beautiful, mature with catchy and unforgettable songs that evoke a strong sense of time and place. It tells the story of a man with the eyes of himself and some others: a dangerous and almost psychotic childhood friend (Nicky) and a dangerous and almost psychotic woman, Ginger (Sharon Stone). The man is Sam Rothstein, a former sports accountant who was so good that the mob had to have him. They pick him up and take him to Tangier. They believe that with one of their own people in charge of a big casino, more money will flow into their pockets. You were right. To a point. What they hadn’t expected was Sam’s contempt for anger and his mistake in marrying Ginger.


One day, while watching the surveillance cameras in The Tangiers, Sam discovers Ginger, the attractive call girl who has just cheated a high roller out of big money. The high roller confronts her, she throws his chips on his face and then in the air. It causes a sensation. Sam is so fascinated by her beauty – or her disaster – that the image on the screen of the surveillance camera becomes a still image. He asks her to marry him. She refuses. He buys her expensive clothes and jewelry. She says yes You have a big wedding. But they don’t know which way this hideous partnership will take them. You see, Ginger used to be with a pimp, Lester (James Woods), whom she is still loyal to, and it is this loyalty that will ultimately ruin her marriage. She is also addicted to drugs and a little hit in the head. You could say it’s Sam’s big mistake.

And then there’s Nicky, the fleeting psycho who loves to stab people in the neck with pens and push their eyes out by pushing their heads into a vice. He’s coming to Vegas from Kansas because he’s tired of the old fog at home and wants to make a name for himself. Due to his violent behavior, he will soon be banned from every single casino in Vegas, and his popularity will grow so fast that the FBI lip reader needs to consult to find out what he holds his hand for

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